Tom Cruise Is ‘Hesitant’ To Find Love Again, Source Says - Here's Why!

Tom Cruise Is ‘Hesitant’ To Find Love Again, Source Says - Here's Why!
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After his public divorce from Katie Holmes back in 2012, it turns out that Tom Cruise is still hesitant to find love again. As you may know, ever since their relationship ended seven years ago, the actor has been single.

One source close to Cruise shared with HollywoodLife that Tom does go on dates from time to time but that he is not serious with no one!

Furthermore, the actor's friend also mentioned that Cruise has pretty much accepted that he may never get married again.

In the meantime, Katie has been in a private relationship with Jamie Foxx since 2015.

‘Since his heartbreaking, very public split with Katie, Tom has been hesitant to live out loud or fall in love again and sometimes he feels like it will be OK if he never marries again. Tom does casually date women, but never in public. He is always very private and he does not have a steady girlfriend,’ the insider explained.

They went on to state that ‘Tom prefers to romance women who share similar spiritual interests, which narrows his field when choosing a romantic partner.’

Cruise is pretty much the face of Scientology which means that he is as dedicated to the cult as he can be!

Apparently, because of the strict rules on being in contact with former members of the church, the man has not seen daughter Suri since 2013!

Of course, Tom might one day find love again but it is not something he thinks he really needs in his life to be happy and fulfilled.

‘While Tom enjoys falling in love, he also is happy being by himself and has accepted that, after three failed marriages, he may never get married again. He values his privacy and his religion comes before relationships or anything else, which is fine by him.’

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