Tom Cruise Has Not Seen His Daughter Suri In Four Years As Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Find Love

Tom Cruise Has Not Seen His Daughter Suri In Four Years As Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Find Love
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It has been 1,458 days since Tom Cruise has seen his daughter, Suri, but who is counting?

This week, the name Cruise has been all over the media after news broke that his ex-wife and the mother of his child, Katie Holmes, is dating Jamie Foxx.

Many media outlets claimed that Cruise was furious upon learning that his former friend is in a relationship with Holmes. He became upset and felt betrayed.

Once more, the name of the famous Scientologist is being dragged through the mud over the bizarre claims that he has not spent time with Suri, 11, in the past four years.

Cruise is busy focusing on his career and has no time for his family.

A source close to the actor told In Touch : “Tom has moved on to the next phase of his life, and he is finishing up his latest movie. There’s no communication, and they have not seen each other. Tom rarely talks about her."

The father hopes to reunite with his daughter in the future.

The chatty family friend went on to explain: “Someday down the line, he might reconnect with Suri. Tom is all about making movies, Scientology and a small circle of friends.”

Another source claimed that Suri has had Foxx in her life for the past three or four years and he behaves like a father.

According to the insider: “Katie is attracted to Jamie partly because he is so caring to her daughter Suri.Jamie treats Suri like one of his own daughters and is always singing silly songs to her and making her laugh and smile. Suri thinks Jamie is hilarious and she loves when he is around.”

The same pal went on to reveal that Suri has a great friendship with Foxx's little girl, Annalise Bishop.

The source claimed: “Suri has also met Jamie’s daughters and likes to play with his younger daughter too. They all get along great which is huge for Katie; she loves it.”

According to Radar Online , the church is not happy with Holmes' decision to make her romance public.

The publication shared: "She signed papers stating that she would not embarrass her former husband by talking about him or Scientology or publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce."

Holmes has moved on, it seems.

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