Tom Cruise Denies "Prosthetic Butt" Rumors

Tom Cruise Denies "Prosthetic Butt" Rumors

Tom Cruise isn't fake. The Academy Award nominee, 55, shut down rumors recently that he wore prosthetics on his behind for the 2008 film, "Valkyrie." In an interview with Screen Rant, September 27th, the performer opened up about the rumors, admitting it was the first time he had heard them.

The set-up of the show made it so that fans could use their Twitter or Instagram account to ask the actor questions. One fan wrote in saying he "represented the theory" that Tom wore prosthetics during the filming of Valkyrie.

Tom replied saying "there was no prosthetic" in his 2008 movie while admitting he had never heard a question like that one before.

Shortly after, Tom - looking to crush any rumors of being "fake" on screen - said his butt in "American Made" is all him as well. He claimed, "It's me, it's not CGI," and he apparently does his own "mooning" in movies.

After the interview, several fans were still suspicious that he used prosthetics and his trainer, Wes Okerson, insists the actor had no enhancements while on set. The instructor explained that Tom Cruise is a powerhouse with an inexorable work ethic. "He trains hard," and he puts in the hours and doesn't quit.

This isn't the first time Tom has had to deny rumors of using prosthetics or going under the knife! Back in 2015, one of his former co-stars during Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen told a story leading fans to question Cruise's methods.

During the chat two years ago, Cuba Gooding Junior - who worked with Tom on Jerry Maguire - said he showed up to Tom's house one time and the actor had red dots all over his face, sparking many fans to assume he has had work done. Tom allegedly told his former co-star "I didn't know you were coming," and Gooding said in response, "I can see why!"

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