Tom Cruise Deeply Affected By Relationship Of Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx: Report

Tom Cruise Deeply Affected By Relationship Of Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx: Report
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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have not been together for quite a while now -- the divorce took place more than eight years ago.

However, it looks like Cruise is still hanging on to some feelings for his former partner, as he has expressed intense disappointment from her relationship with Jamie Foxx.

According to a source allegedly close to Cruise, the actor was not only disappointed by the fact that the two were together, but he was also actually surprised that their relationship has managed to last that long.

The insider revealed: "Tom is shocked over Jamie and Katie‘s relationship and is surprised they seem to be together still and happy. Tom does not like to even think about his ex and former co-star [Tom and Jamie starred in the 2004 movie Collateral] having genuine feelings for each other. Because Tom trusted Jamie and loved Katie for years, he feels betrayed by both of them as long as they maintain their romance. Tom always got along well with Jamie, so while he does wish him well, he does feel a tinge of disloyalty."

It is not clear precisely what might have motivated him to think this way, although sources claim that the actor has been taking the situation quite hard.

A possible reason for his sentiments could be young Suri, his daughter with Katie Holmes.

The last birthday of the girl did not go precisely as Cruise had envisioned it, leading to a widening of the rift between him and his former partner.

However, Cruise still has strong feelings for his daughter and loves her as much as ever, despite being separated from her and not being very actively involved in her life at the moment.

Cruise had no plans to contact his daughter for her birthday, nor send her a gift.

The insider continued with: "Tom does plan to send Suri a gift and call her on her birthday. As challenging as things have become for him and his daughter, he still loves her, thinks about her all the time, and will recognize that she is becoming a teenager and a young woman on her big day. Tom never intended to be estranged from his daughter when he decided to have a family with Katie and looks forward to repairing the relationship one day. But in the meantime, he knows the least he can do is reach out on her birthday."

It is not known why he has suddenly decided to take up a stance like this, but hopefully, this does not lead to any long-term deterioration in his relationship with his daughter, something which is not out of the question in the current situation.

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