Tom Brady: What’s the Big Deal Being Friends with Donald Trump

Tom Brady: What’s the Big Deal Being Friends with Donald Trump

The New England Patriot’s quarterback doesn’t understand people’s obsession with his friendship with Donald Trump. The NFL star was questioned once again on his affiliation with the new president of the U.S after Trump had said he called to congratulate his camp before his inauguration.

Brady somewhat opened up about his relationship with Donald Trump in his weekly Interview with WEEI radio station.

Brady stated that he had called him, in the past, and emphasized once again that he is someone he has known for a long time – 16 years in fact. Brady added that he always tries to keep it in context, as he knew Trump before he was in the position that he is now, and Trump has always been very supportive of his career.

As the topic began to become more personal, Brady asked why people make such a big deal about it, as he doesn’t understand it. The hosts of the show, Kirk and Gerry retorted that it shouldn’t be such a big deal, but Brady should know that it is a relationship that people care about.

The hosts went on to question him about Trump’s views. One host said he was sure that Brady had discussions with women close to him where they’ve expressed they can’t stand this guy, why would you like this guy?

Brady responded that he doesn’t want to go too deep into this, but knowing someone doesn’t mean you agree with everything they say. There are a lot of things that he doesn’t believe in.

He added that he wasn’t trying to denounce anything, before making a suggestion that two friends could talk about things, even if they don’t always agree on everything.

Still, Brady made it clear that Trump is his man, and that he isn’t turning his back on him anytime soon.

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