Tom Brady Says He Doesn't Remember Donald Trump Suggesting Him To Date Ivanka Trump

Tom Brady Says He Doesn't Remember Donald Trump Suggesting Him To Date Ivanka Trump
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According to The Big Lead, Tom Brady stopped by the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, however, instead of telling Stern everything he wanted to know, Brady stuck to his guns by not saying much to the controversial host.

At one point during the conversation, Stern brought up the entertainment industry's least favorite president, Donald Trump, and The Big Lead claims Brady appeared visibly perturbed by it. Stern asked the football player about Ivanka Trump.

Brady, who laughed at the question, acted like he had no idea what Stern was talking about. Howard reportedly claimed that the president wanted Brady to date his daughter approximately two decades ago, however, the Boston website found the comments from the president who apparently said something different.

According to the outlet, Trump said that Tom was a "great guy," and he got to know him at the Miss Universe contest. Trump, at the time, claimed Brady liked Ivanka. Reportedly, after Brady won his very first Super Bowl, he was given the role of the judge at the Miss USA beauty pageant in 2002, which the president owned from 1996 until 2016.

In an old conversation between Trump and Stern, the host asked him if he would be ok with Brady dating his daughter, and the real estate mogul claimed he was 25-years-old and was "all-American."

Stern then asked if she was dating him, and Trump claimed that Brady would probably like to, but at that time, he was more focused on the "football stuff." According to The Big Lead, this was not long before the football player started a relationship with Bridget Moynahan.

As most know, Tom Brady has been criticized for his supposed support of the president before. When Trump first announced he was going to run for the presidency, some took Brady to task for not immediately denouncing him as the rest of the entertainment and sports industry did.

These days, Tom is currently married to the supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, however, rumor has it that he had to switch football teams to make her happy, although, it's unclear if this is actually true.

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