Tom Brady Pens Heartbreaking Message About Kobe Bryant -- Says It Keeps Him Up All Night 'In Tears'

Tom Brady Pens Heartbreaking Message About Kobe Bryant -- Says It Keeps Him Up All Night 'In Tears'
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The death of Kobe Bryant, Gigi Bryant, and seven other people that passed away in a shocking helicopter crash has been heavy on he public's heart for nearly a month. This hit especially hard to those who knew him, have met him, or are in the sports world.

Tom Brady took to his social media to pen a heartbreaking message about the situation and revealed that it even keeps him up all night in tears.

The statement titled 'What's Really Important' starts with: 'I have been deeply affected by the passing of Kobe, Gigi and the others in that tragic flight weeks ago. Since then, I've witnessed the well deserved outpouring of love and support for the families that had so much left to give, and it’s helped me reflect and gain perspective. I know that love and peace and joy will always endure. And in this tragedy, I have learned so much. Why has this touched me in the way it did? Why has it kept me up at night, and brought me so many tears?'

He then went on to really why Kobe was so relatable to many people.

'In Kobe, we were able able to witness the man in the arena. For many of us, sports show what we are made of, they define our personalities and emotions. We cannot hide from the good or the bad, from the wins or the losses… the joy and despair, the happiness and the pain. What you see is what it is, we aren’t actors, We have found a real life stage where we become vulnerable to the world and are judged bases on the outcome of each performance. And we care deeply about what we do. For some, these days are the pinnacle in their life, and there's nothing wrong with that but it’s clear to me, for Kobe, that was how he lived his life in every way. In his second chapter, you saw even more.You saw his excitement for life, and for achieving in areas only he thought possible. He became more of an entrepreneur, media mogul, father, husband and mentor among other roles.'

He then talked about why he will miss him.


'I think that’s why I will miss him most. Because we all know the world needs more of that leadership and positivity. We recognize that he was doing the work that others don’t want to or simply can’t do. The world we live in is full of people telling kids and adults 'you can’t,' 'you shouldn't,' 'you won't'  or 'you never will.' The world we live in is teaching EVERYONE to fear, to worry, to shame or to give up.'

Brady ends his message with words that Kobe wanted everyone to live by.

'The answer is simple to me, ALL OF US. Decide to make the change in yourself. If there is anything I have learned and been inspired by through this tragic event, it is this, SEIZE THE DAY. That’s what Kobe always did, and that’s what he wanted for us too.'

You can read his message in its entirety above.

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