Tom Arnold Accused Of Anti-Black Racism Due To Joke During Speech

Tom Arnold Accused Of Anti-Black Racism Due To Joke During Speech
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According to a report from, the Trump-supporting group, Diamond and Silk, are asking for the #MeToo movement proponents to seek out Tom Arnold after he supposedly sent them a series of racialized and seemingly sexist tweets.

Reportedly, in a tweet that has since been deleted, Tom Arnold, who is known for being a Trump critic, detailed what it would be like to paint the aforementioned women as "black caricatures." The actor/producer stated that he wanted to "investigate every curve and crevice of you tons of fun's heavenly bodies."

Arnold went on to tell the women to take off their clothes and get their "big booties butts back into Big Daddy's hot tub." He joked that it wasn't a good idea to bring Streisand, however, because she was too "freaky." On the 27th of October, Diamond and Silk responded by stating he was guilty of sexually harassing them.

Arnold then responded by referring to old school stereotypes of African-Americans, including fried chicken from Popeyes as well as using the term, "dark meat." The Soul Plane star added, "racism is not a chicken's #1 concern before he gets to Popeyes snowflake."

As fans of Arnold now, this wouldn't be the first time the actor has found himself at the center of controversy. Reported earlier this year, Tom Arnold referred to his ex-wife, Roseanne Barr, as a racist following her firing from ABC's Roseanne.

As it was previously reported, Roseanne was on her Twitter account one evening and made several racially charged tweets regarding a former aide to Barack Obama. Speaking with Good Morning Britain on the 4th of June, Monday, the 59-year-old actor explained that he thought that his ex-wife was a racist.

When asked by reporters regarding her views toward people of color, Tom reportedly said to them immediately, "uh, yeah. Yeah, obviously."

Moreover, Tom indicated he was genuinely surprised that Roseanne became a supporter of Trump, due to the fact both of them knew the president for many years before he took office.

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