Tokyo Toni Praises Tyga As 'The Best Father' -- Says Her One Wish Is For Tyga And Chyna To Reunite!

Tokyo Toni Praises Tyga As 'The Best Father' -- Says Her One Wish Is For Tyga And Chyna To Reunite!
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Tokyo Toni has made is clear that she is not the biggest fan of the Kardashian family. Although her relationship with Rob Kardashian is unknown (but steering towards a negative one), she has nothing but good things to say about Tyga.

Tyga and Blac Chyna had a unique love story long before his questionable relationship with Kylie Jenner. Although Tokyo was upset at the rapper for leaving her daughter for the teen at the time, it seems that they have mended their relationship.

The newlywed took to Instagram to praise her grandson's father -- revealing just how close of a relationship they have.

'I love him so much!!!!!! Enough said The BEST FATHER I HAVE EVER SEN SINCE MINE.......This guy is my boo.. my buddy and my son in my head for real. Alwaay holding a spot in the heart. So much manners dignity class and honor. So smart cool fly and wise.. A great daddy a great son and friend. I just love me some Michael Stevenson kings daddy I LOVE YOU @tyga.'


She went on to say: 'Please know this ... You're my secret little favorite of all....... Its nothing I wouldnt do for him and his mom passion.
God has big plans and he revealed to me in a dream something special for this man. He is the epitome of a real man. He insures his life with love comfort and true grit and grind. Never ceasing to fail he always come thru. Damn I love him as a son. Alwasy respectful kind and thoughtful!
We talk all the time ! Real human beings do this you know.If I had a wish 1- It would be for Tyga to be wit Chyna but... wishful thinking Love you Mike #tokyoton.'

It's great to see that Tokyo doesn't have beef with Tyga. What do you think of her special message?

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