Tokyo Toni Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To Blac Chyna's Offer To Be Featured In Her Docu-Series - Watch The Video

Tokyo Toni Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To Blac Chyna's Offer To Be Featured In Her Docu-Series - Watch The Video
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Blac Chyna was Wendy Williams' guest on her show just the other day, and their fans were surprised to see how great these two ladies managed to get along. The interview was an exciting one with Wendy asking Chyna various on-point questions.

She touched more sensitive subjects such as Tyga and Rob Kardashian, but Chyna addressed them all.

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Chyna also addressed the scandal with her hairdresser, but just a few words, because she’s not allowed to talk about the matter since she’s investigated by the police and there’s an ongoing case.

Dream Kardashian's mom also made sure to mention the docu-series that she will have, and her fans were definitely here for this.

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A lot of people said that after seeing this interview with Chyna, they like her more than before.

Anyway, after the interview, Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni hopped on social media and quickly made a video to tell Chyna that she would love to be in her docu-series like she said on Wendy's show.

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You can see the video and Toni's reaction which was unexpectedly positive.

People were extremely happy to see the two women willing to do something together.

Someone commented 'Wow, I hope and pray mother and daughter get together going to be great.🙏🕊️💕💕💞'

Another follower said 'What did I tell you TT? Time heals all wounds! This too shall pass? Now you go be the best mother and grandmother...I knew you guys would reconnect! So happy for both of y'all..saw her on Wendy and she looked absolutely great! Peace to both of you 💚'

One other person said that '@Tokyo Toni EXCLUSIVE Chyna was very poised & humble on WW. If u get the opp 2 work & spend some time w/her pls make the best of it, restore ur life & grow. Much Love! 😘'

Another happy person wrote this: 'I KNEW this would put a HUGE smile on your face, to see & hear your daughter say that she wants you on her new show! And guess what? You NEED to be on that show with her & you being on that show is the ONLY way that the show would work & I'd watch. You're very talented, energetic, giving, nurturing, spiritual, funny, loving, engaging & entertaining & your beautiful spirit naturally draws an audience.'

The same commenter continued and said 'This would be an EXCELLENT opportunity for you & her to repair your broken relationship & show the world how keeping Almighty God as the center can restore love in the family through patience, commitment & quiet sacrifice. This is your dynamic chance to dance on the devil's head, prove that burnt bitch to be a malicious liar & show that defeated punk how that demonic game did test you, but you didn't fold! 🗣Dance on that muthafuckas whole head, Tokyo Toni, and give these nothing bitches something to look at & talk about! I'm so happy for you & this is a fabulous late Mother's Day gift for you! Better late than never!'


What do you think about Toni being in Chyna's docu-series? Will the women finally make up?


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