Tokyo Toni Declares A 'Hot Mama Fall' While She Looks Unrecognizable In New Photoshoot Announcing Her Own Reality Show (Video)

Tokyo Toni Declares A 'Hot Mama Fall' While She Looks Unrecognizable In New Photoshoot Announcing Her Own Reality Show (Video)
Credit: Source: Get My Buzz Up

Tokyo Toni has had a change of heart when it comes to the Zeus Network. After previously bashing The Real Blac Chyna, she has announced that she will be shooting her own reality show on the same app!

Tokyo made the announcement on her new Instagram fan page Tokyo Toni Mania where she dazzled in new photos and directed fans to her Youtube channel.

It was there that she appeared in a video where she gave all the details on her new venture.


'Chyna is going to be on my show as well. She is not a co-host she is a feature. That's my show as well as me being on her show. So we both have our own show and we will coincide with each other when deemable and necessary. We'll do a public announcement sometime (next week) It's going to be off the chain believe it. It's going to be no facade. So my birthday is October the 8 of course we'll be filming around that so because it's my show, I want to think of something really crazy, fun, and entertaining.'

She goes on to say that she wants to incorporate social media into her show. She announces that she's looking for music, glam, and a blog to interact with.


Shalana Hunter then declares it a 'Hot Mama Fall'  and reveals exclusive photos where she stuns in different looks.

This comes after she had an infamous rocky start with filming her daughter's show . After the first episode aired and made waves through the media -- she announced that she would never be on it again.

Luckily, the mother-daughter duo is on the road to mending their broken relationship and have been spending more time with each other.

Will you tune into Tokyo Toni's reality show? Do you think it's a good idea for her?


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  • Roland
    Roland Oct 26, 2019 4:45 AM PDT

    Tokyo whoever. I see a black woman who has no resemblance to Japan or anything Asian, but only resembles the type of old geriatric ghetto woman who wasted her life chasing D.C. drug dealers. She's an eye sore to the community. She uses the grand chikdren and her daughter to be relevant, so desperate nd such an old low life. Claims she left all her husbands for cheating. The reality is those husbands didn't want her, period! An Easy lay, that's it! Ma'am! Go away and read a book. She's an embarrassment to the black race. We don't claim her. And she's a big liar. She is EXACTLY HOLLYWEIRD bc HOLLYWOOD don't do trash bins. Bye!

  • Morgan
    Morgan Sep 28, 2019 7:37 AM PDT

    I hope that this isn't just another bs reality show making another black women look even dumber than she is. With the cursing and fighting and jail time. I'm not going to waist my time. Don't you people see that you are on display for them to make money and you are a circus of animals you are selling your souls for a few bucks and you know that you don't drive those cars or live in a mansion be real secondly you have a dumb name like blak China and Tokyo and what happened to your real name and for the love of God what is your talent. You bring nothing to America but showing your body and giving the surgeons free advertising. So stupid with all the things going on in the world today y'all need Jesus. And y'all never used to drink a glass of wine every day you know you guys are Then Hennessy bches so follow the devil and watch you burn.

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