Tokyo Toni Alleges That Future Forced Blac Chyna To Have An Abortion -- Then Deletes Her Social Media Page!

Tokyo Toni Alleges That Future Forced Blac Chyna To Have An Abortion -- Then Deletes Her Social Media Page!
Credit: Source: National Enquirer

Tokyo Toni clearly has no interest in working on her relationship with her reality star daughter. The mad mom took to Instagram to make some pretty serious allegations about Blac Chyna and Future's rumored previous relationship.

Chyna dated the rapper and even starred in one of his music videos in 2015. Although the romance was a short one, the model even got Future's name tattooed on the side of her hand before covering it up years later.

Tokyo, who frequently creates and deletes Instagram pages, made a new account where she went live and trash-talked Blac Chyna. She then posted and deleted a story about how Future made the Rob and Chyna star get an abortion.

'Yes I know about the abortion that my daughter had just before Dream Kardashian. Unfortunately that was my grandchild that you and her decided to get rid of. Unfortunately for me I don't give a f*** no more and I will spill every bean I got.'

In the deleted post, she went on to say that she will write a 5,000-word book about her daughter detailing every secret that she knows.

This is a sad situation because the 31-year-old just said that she is building her relationship with her mother -- no matter how many terrible things she says about her.

Chyna explained to US Weekly: '‘We’re still building it. Nothing happens overnight. Everything is like a work in [progress], really. I think that any normal person would get, like, frustrated, but at the same time, it’s like, she’s grown, she can do whatever she wants and that’s just that. It’s my mom and I love her.'

The profile that Toni posted the shocking allegations from is no longer up.

Do you think that Chyna will still be open to having a relationship with her mother after this?

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  • Roxanne R Aquart
    Roxanne R Aquart Jul 29, 2019 5:08 AM PDT

    Tokyo Toni get no no respect putting her daughter business out like that if it's TRUE or not. She needs to keep her mouth closed.

  • Sadie
    Sadie Jul 28, 2019 4:12 PM PDT

    Her mom is irrelevant without her daughter. That's just dispicable that she feels she has to expose her daughters secrets to stay in the blogs. She should be ashamed. If it was my mom I would have nothing to do with her. She's ratchet a.f and thirsty for attention.

  • Tosha
    Tosha Jul 28, 2019 6:40 AM PDT

    I feel sorry for Blac Chyna. I am not a fan of hers. My mother would take my secrets to the grave and do anything she could to build me up. I don’t blame her for cutting her mom out of her and her children’s lives. I wouldn’t want her around my kids either.

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