Tokyo Jetz Issues Tearful Apology After Mocking George Floyd's Murder!

Tokyo Jetz Issues Tearful Apology After Mocking George Floyd's Murder!
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Tokyo Jetz made a huge mistake and now she’s apologizing after the massive backlash she received from her followers. The star seemed to make a George Floyd related joke and people were very mad about it!

Now, Tokyo admits that she was ‘wrong as hell!’

In a video statement she released on the matter, the woman seemed very regretful as she addressed everything with tears in her eyes.

‘I’m sorry, I messed up big time,’ she simply wrote in the vid’s caption.

As for the mistake the rapper made, it was saying ‘I’ma go George Floyd your mothaf***in’ a**’ in a previous clip.

She meant to be playful but it definitely came out very wrong, especially since the man whose name she used to replace the action of chocking someone was killed by a police officer by kneeling on his neck for almost 9 minutes!

That being said, fans were naturally very mad and disappointed in her for making light of the senseless murder and let her know in the comment section and all over social media!

After being canceled for her words, Tokyo apologized, saying that: ‘Nothing excuses what I have said and done, but I do want everyone to know I am not proud of it and sincerely apologize. I am not doing this video to ask for no sympathy because what I did was wrong as hell. First and foremost, I want to apologize to the family, to people out on the front line, to the people who actually stand up for us.’

‘I don’t want nobody to ever think that I don’t understand that I’m black as f**k. Nothing else, I can be never nothing else. I do not want people to ever think I don’t understand my son is black as hell, and at any given moment, it could be me that needs someone to stand up for me. It could be him. It could be anybody around me.’

Make sure to check out the 3 minutes long apology video for more of what she had to say!


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