Todd Tucker Shares The Final Episode Of His Series 'Rolling With Todd' - See The Clip Here

Todd Tucker Shares The Final Episode Of His Series 'Rolling With Todd' - See The Clip Here
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Just the other day, it's been revealed what Todd Tucker and his wife Kandi Burruss are doing these days for fun. Todd Tucker  is making fans happy with some clips featuring  Kandi Burruss  in the car with him. He calls the videos a series ‘Rolling With Todd.’

You can check out the previous episodes that he posted so far on his social media account.

Now, he dropped another one which he says is the latest episode in the series.

A follower told Todd: 'Put Ace on the podcast w the questions,' and someone else said: 'So you dismiss all her other questions, and the one you decide to answer is something negative about her? 🤣Todd, you’re hilarious having this much audacity.'

Someone else said: 'Please Keep these coming !!! love it ❤️', and another commenter posted this message: 'Well she has to connect with her fans 🤗'

A commenter said: 'don’t do her like that 🤣🤣U know she’s all about getting 2 this mulahhhh,' and someone else posted this: 'I go thru the same thing I look over watching a movie she on the phone I say to her you saw that🤷.'

One other follower said: 'Lmbo!! My hubby would agree so I can’t laugh,' and a fan posted this: 'Kandi u have to do better, listen to Todd is trying to tell u something.'

One other commenter posted: 'Episodes over... Stop beating up on Kandi. Kandi girl get out of the car! 😂🤣.'

More people launched in the comments and told Todd that they would like to see more videos like this.


In other recent news,  Kandi Burruss celebrated the birthday of her mom, and she made sure to share a gorgeous photo on her social media account in order to mark this event. Check it out.

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