Todd Tucker Shared An Important Message For Fans, Especially For Georgia

Todd Tucker Shared An Important Message For Fans, Especially For Georgia
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Todd Tucker shared an important message for fans, especially for the people in Georgia, just the other day. Check it out below.

'Let’s get out and vote! Where my people at! Let our voices be heard; let’s make a change! Let’s go, Georgia. We will make the change that’s needed!' Todd said.

A commenter posted this: 'Millions voted early!!! Don't worry; we got this! #WarnockOssoff' and someone else said: 'I heard a lot of ppl did mail-in also..but yet please VOTE.'

Someone else said: 'Georgia where y’all at.... work? Leave and go vote......Omg!!!!' and a commenter posted this: 'I voted early, and so did a lot of people on my timeline...'

A fan said: 'Thank you, please keep that mask up the second wave is extremely worse every15 mins a death thank you for your vote,' and someone else posted this: 'Thanks for using your powers for good!!! Come on, GA!!'

Someone else said: 'Hopeful it was due to early voting the republicans vote on the day of.'

A fan posted this: 'Georgia, it’s left up to you!!! Vote!!! Make a difference!!!' and someone else said: 'Vote, please! Let's make America great again!🙏.'

Someone else posted this: 'That’s right, my brother, where the hell is everybody Georgia? Where are you at.'

A few days ago,  Todd Tucker was celebrating the birthday of his and Kandi Burruss ‘ son,  Ace Wells Tucker . Check out the post that he dropped on social media to mark the upcoming event.

Todd said: ‘Happy Bday @acetucker. We’re celebrating early little Spider-Man 🕷!’

Not too long ago,  Todd  shared a video on his social media account in which he is reading a card from his friend.


Other than this, Todd and Kandi are living their best lives together with their family these days.

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