Tituss Burgess Defends Eddie Murphy After Andy Cohen Diss

Tituss Burgess Defends Eddie Murphy After Andy Cohen Diss
Credit: Source: People

Tituss Burgess appeared Tuesday morning on the Wendy Williams Show. In true Wendy fashion, the talk show hostess got all the tea about Tituss Burgess' recent diss of Andy Cohen.

If you aren't already in the loop, Tituss was a guest on Watch What Happens Live where Andy brought up the offensive things Eddie Murphy said about gay people decades ago since Burgess recently worked on a movie with the comedian.

Tituss wasn't having any of it, and responded by basically brushing off Andy's shady question. After he left the Clubhouse, Titus called Andy a messy queen in an Instagram post.

The comment read, in part: 'She can be a messy queen! Yes I said it! Don’t care he knows either! He should remember his talk show isn’t an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! It’s a place where artists come to talk about art and have a little fun. NOT a place to rehash old rumors or bring a star negative press.'

He ended it by saying that the Bravolebrity should be more like his bestie Anderson Cooper and be a professional.

Wendy asked about the drama during his appearance and the Kimmy Schmidt star doubled down on his diss and explained why he reacted the way he did.

'I will not tolerate the dismantling of anyone's legacy, especially not my own. Who we were speaking about has done a beautiful job being the comedic giant that he is. He has a wonderful movie coming out and I was not going to participate in talking about that. I said what I said. Tituss will not be trapped. We have way too much work to do, we have far more important things to talk about in this nation right now, especially what is going on politically. I wasn't going to waste time digging up something that happened a while ago. We've all moved past from it and we've all learned from it.'

Andy is well aware of the popularity that the Broadway star's shade is getting and has already responded.


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