Title For New James Bond Movie Finally Revealed - No Time To Die

Title For New James Bond Movie Finally Revealed  - No Time To Die
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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the title of the next James Bond installment has been revealed. The latest 007 film, starring Daniel Craig and scheduled for release in April of 2020, will be titled, No Time To Die.

The Hollywood Reporter claims the new Bond production follows James after he has gone on hiatus in Jamaica. The beginning of the movie features the secret agent hanging out in the Caribbean and enjoying his relaxing days until Felix Leiter from the CIA asks for his help.

The revelation of the film's title comes not long after the studio released footage to fight against social media rumors regarding the supposed on-set difficulties and set-backs. It was reported back in May that Daniel had sustained an ankle injury and had to get emergency surgery.

And just one month later in June, an explosion went wrong and damaged the exterior of the 007 stage. Officials claimed there weren't any serious injuries, however, the Twitter account revealed that one person outside the stage "suffered a minor injury."

Furthermore, a 49-year-old man was allegedly caught putting a camera in the women's washroom while at the Pinewood Studios. However, it's not clear if the man was connected to the studio or the production of the movie.

Reportedly, the movie stars Rami Malek, Daniel Craig, Lashana Lynch, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Ana De Armas, Billy Magnussen, David Dencik, Rory Kinnear, Jeffrey Wright, Ralph Fiennes, and Dali Benssalah.

In past interviews, Mr. Craig claimed No Time To Die would likely be his last James Bond movie. On social media, users have suggested the casting of British actor, Idris Elba, who would be the very first African-American man to star as James Bond.

While Idris enjoyed stoking rumors of his casting, he later insinuated that it was unlikely for him to star as James Bond. Most people online were thrilled at the idea of Elba taking on the classic character, while others took issue with the supposed gimmick of casting a black man as an English aristocrat - a very unlikely situation in the 1950s and 1960s, the time at which most Bond books were set.

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