Tisha Campbell-Martin Surprises Guest On The Real - You Won't Believe What She Had To Say

Tisha Campbell-Martin Surprises Guest On The Real - You Won't Believe What She Had To Say
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Tisha Campbell-Martin was the guest host on The Real for Tuesday’s episode, and during a segment with a guest who was looking for her long lost sister, the Martin alum shared some shocking news.

A woman named Ellen Lindsey was on the show to discuss her attempts to find her half-sister - whom she had never met - after finding out at the age of 49 that she was adopted. Lindsey explained that she had taken a DNA test and discovered there was a woman who had been looking for her, and she had agreed to meet her on The Real in front of a studio audience.

During the segment, Campbell-Martin asked Lindsey how she felt about meeting a sister she didn’t even know she had for the majority of her life.

"I'm nervous for you, because if it was my sister, if it was me, I would be like, I hope she ain't no crackhead. Then second, I would be like, I hope she likes me," said Campbell-Martin. "Do you feel that way? What would you want to tell your sister?"

Lindsey said it was “strange” and “like a dream” to get the chance to meet someone who’s actually her blood. Then, Campbell-Martin asked if she is happy about the meeting, and Lindsey replied “Yeah.”

That’s when Campbell-Martin dropped the bomb, “I know what I would tell my sister: I hope you like me. "I'm your sister. I'm your sister!"

The news shocked Lindsey, as she asked, “Are you serious?” The two women then shared an embrace as the rest of the hosts and the audience grabbed tissues. While the tears were flowing, Loni Love chimed in, “All that time you been watching Martin and that’s been your sister!”

Lindsey’s full-blood brother Duane eventually joined them on stage, and Campbell-Martin explained that all three of them have the same father, and Ellen and Duane’s mother is named Laverne.

Campbell-Martin said that Duane was the first born, and then their dad got her mom pregnant and they got married. At the same time, Laverne was pregnant with Ellen, and she never wanted to give her up for adoption, but she knew she couldn’t give her the life she deserved as a single mom. The actress said that Laverne cries on Ellen’s birthday every year, and Ellen looks just like her birth mom.

Tisha Campbell-Martin said that Duane had been searching for Ellen since he was 18, but he was having trouble because the adoption agency and the hospital where Ellen was born don't exist anymore.

The actress revealed that she didn’t know about her half-sister until she was 33. She also said that Ellen’s mom is still alive, and they have wanted to find her so the two ladies could meet.

Ellen said that she has lived a good life with her adoptive parents. She explained that her dad has passed away and her mom is 90 years old. However, she says they did an excellent job raising her, she was an only child, and she’s “spoiled.”

The Real airs weekdays in syndication.


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