Tippi Hedren Looks Amazing At 90-Years-Old β€” Melanie Griffith's Mother And Dakota Johnson's Grandmother Stuns

Tippi Hedren Looks Amazing At 90-Years-Old β€” Melanie Griffith's Mother And Dakota Johnson's Grandmother Stuns
Credit: Source: Melanie Griffith/Instagram

Tippi Hedren is the epitome of growing old gracefully. Best known for her role as Melanie Daniels in Alfred Hitchock's award-winning horror movie The Birds , but she is equally known for being Melanie Griffith's mother and Dakota Johnson's grandmother. Tippi named her daughter after her iconic character that she portrayed in 1963. Now, at 90-years-old, Tippi is proving that age is nothing but a number as she continues to stun and turn heads with her beauty. It appears that good genes run in this family as Melanie Griffith has shown off her bikini body on her social media accounts and fans have been impressed with how young she looks. Melani is 62-years-old and will celebrate her 63rd birthday on August 9, 2020. Dakota Johnson is Melanie Griffith's 30-year-old daughter with her first husband, Don Johnson.

Melanie shared a stunning photo of her mother on her Instagram page in honor of her mother's 90th birthday. Tippi Hedren turned 90-years-old on January 19 and people are simply amazed at how youthful her mother looks.

Melanie stated the following when describing her mother.

"My beautiful elegant mother turned 90 yesterday! Happy Birthday Tippi!! πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’‹πŸ’ƒπŸΌ. This pic was shot 2 months ago.@visionlosangeles"

You may see the photo that Melanie Griffith shared below.

Melanie shared another photo of her mother that showed off her mom's fabulous figure. Tippi wore a long black shirt that flowed past her hips and paired it with black hot pants! She accessorized the look with a large, gold medallion necklace, plenty of bangles, and multiple rings.

Melanie Griffith has been showing off her own amazing figure on Instagram as well. With her mom's genes, Melanie has maintained her own fabulous body and continues to dazzle and impress her fans with her ageless beauty. You may see multiple photos of Melanie Griffith looking as if she were 30 let alone 62 below.

With three generations of actresses in the family, some are wondering when Dakota Johnson will settle down and have children. She's been involved with Chris Martin from Coldplay but at this point, there is no talk of when the two might start a family of their own. Dakota has a number of projects in the work that have been on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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