Tiny Squeezes Her Curves Into Tight Leather Pants For New Photo Shoot

Tiny Squeezes Her Curves Into Tight Leather Pants For New Photo Shoot

Dangerous curves ahead! T.I. needs to become Tiny's bodyguard ASAP.

The diva is trying to break the Internet with new dazzling pictures where she squeezed into leather pants to show off her hot mama curves.

The Xscape singer looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder sweater and fur boots made for Aspen.

While the pictures are beautiful, the caption was something else.

The mother of four wrote underneath the pictures: "Me before the freak comes out."

Fans were eager to call Tiny a queen and told her she was slaying the look.

It was recently revealed that Tiny and T.I. fought over sizzling pictures of his former side chick, Bernice Burgos.

A person close to Tiny said: “Tiny confronted T.I. about it, and he did his usual trick of turning it around to make Tiny seem like she’s the bad one, for ’spying’ on him—and it ended up turning into a huge fight between them. They’ve made up, for now, but T.I.’s made it clear that he won’t be dictated to about what he can look at online, and who he can follow—and that Tiny needs to check herself and quit with the jealous wife routine. But, Tiny’s still pissed, and it’s making her seriously doubt that she can ever really trust T.I. again, because, if he really is committed to making their marriage work then why’s he spending hours trawling through nearly naked photos of another woman, especially when that other woman has caused so many problems between them in the past?”

The pair did kiss and make up, and T.I. is working to be a better man.

The source added: “T.I. has realized how much his behavior in the past hurt Tiny, whom he really loves, so he has made a solid effort to be more sensitive to how he treats the mother of his children. T.I. is making a conscious effort to be more respectful to her always, even when she is not around.T.I. has made mistakes in the past and now that things are good again between he and Tiny, he does not want to make mistakes or create any new damage in their relationship.”

It seems that Tiny's fire cannot be contained.

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  • Teresa
    Teresa Nov 2, 2017 4:54 PM PDT

    Their always negative hood rats

  • Karen
    Karen Nov 1, 2017 6:54 PM PDT

    Tiny you look beautiful

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