Tiny Is Reportedly Working Hard To Keep Things ‘Hot In The Bedroom’ With T.I. After Reuniting

Tiny Is Reportedly Working Hard To Keep Things ‘Hot In The Bedroom’ With T.I. After Reuniting
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Tiny is reportedly doing everything she can to make sure that she and T.I. have a great love life after they have reunited. A big part of where things went downhill before seems to have been in their bedroom, so now she is making their intimacy a priority .

'Tiny is so happy that things with her and T.I. are back on track, but she’s not resting. She knows she needs to keep working on things to keep their relationship on solid ground. A big part of where things went wrong before was in the bedroom,' according to a source who seems to know quite a lot about their relationship.



'She’s the first one to admit that she kind of shut down after she [gave birth to] Heiress and wasn’t that into intimacy. But now, she managed to realize that intimacy really has to be a priority,' the same insider revealed.

So, it looks like Tiny will do anything she can to spice things up in the bedroom.

'She’s doing all kinds of things. First of all, she went out and bought a whole closet full of new bedroom clothes. She threw out all her old boring stuff, like her ugly housecoat. Now she only wears cute stuff in front of her husband. She wants to be T.I.’s dream woman at all times, and that takes work,' the source continued to reveal about the couple's love life.

But wait, because there's more. The insider goes on and confesses:

'She’s been playing around a lot with wigs too, in and out of the bedroom because T.I. loves it when she changes her hairstyle. She has a short pink one and a long straight platinum blonde one that goes past her butt.'

Well, if all these don't sound hot, we don't know what else could.



'And you should see the shoes she has been wearing for him; he loves super high stripper shoes. Tiny spent a fortune ordering all these fabulous heels, she’s having a lot of fun and T.I.’s loving it too,' concluded the source.

All in all, Tiny's efforts seem to be working pretty great as we know that the two of them are doing fine together for now. They are even supposed to renew their vows soon. Things seem to be going in their favor so what else can we say besides wishing them good luck!

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