Tiny Is Annoyed By T.I. And Wendy Williams' Feud

Tiny Is Annoyed By T.I. And Wendy Williams' Feud

Tameka "Tiny" Harris is annoyed by the bitter feud between T.I. and Wendy Williams, allegedly, of course. It is a known fact that Tiny is not really a fan of conflicts.

She tried to stay out of the Bernice Burgos drama, she never commented on the Master P cheating scandal, and spoke about her close relationship with Floyd Mayweather only once.

Despite staying quiet and as neutral as Switzerland in those fights, her name gets dragged through the mud.

For the past few days, T.I. and the TV host have been going back and forth via her BET show and social media.

T.I. made the mistake of body shaming Williams using a series of bikini photos taken in Barbados.

And to no one's surprise, the controversial media mogul clapped back. She did so by insulting Tiny's butt -- which she claimed is fake.

A friend of Tiny said she is frustrated to be in this mess because of her husband who can not keep his opinions to himself.

The source claimed: “Tiny laughed off Wendy’s comments when the talk show host threw shade at her. But, as Wendy’s beef with T.I. continues to drag on, and Wendy continues to attack him, well that has caught Tiny’s attention,” and, she has had it.”

While Tiny is a bit hurt by Williams' words, she is happy to see her spouse defending her honor.

The person added: “T.I. and Tiny’s bond has grown stronger in the face of adversity. With all the issues in their relationship, keeping up with Wendy’s disses has become something fun and funny for T.I. and Tiny to joke around about. They think Wendy is getting a bit ridiculous but also something that needs to be dealt with. So T.I. and Tiny are monitoring the escalating feud together, laughing about it, plotting revenge and bonding over the public beef.”

In case you have missed Williams' nasty comments, she said during an interview with PEOPLE : “T.I., I do not have a behind, like you do not have height, which is why you wear lifts.”

In a matter of hours, Tiny will be face-to-face with Williams, and this could get nasty between the ladies.

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