Tiny Has Been Working On Insane ‘Booty Poppin’ Moves Non-Stop After Bernice Scandal To Impress T.I.

Tiny Has Been Working On Insane ‘Booty Poppin’ Moves Non-Stop After Bernice Scandal To Impress T.I.
Source: bet.com

Tameka Harris has got all her swag back, and it's all thanks to her booty! After her marriage with T.I. fell apart, Tiny hit the gym to get her booty and her self-esteem as well in a perfect shape.

Having your marriage crumble before your eyes will definitely take its toll, and Tiny certainly took a hit to her self-esteem after her husband T.I. got mixed up with Bernice Burgos.



'Tiny’s a proud woman, but her self-esteem was rocked to the core when her marriage to T.I. started falling apart,' a source stated.

'The low point was during the whole Bernice scandal. Tiny had turned a blind eye to Tip’s flirtations with other women, chalking it up to part of the package when you marry a hip hop star, but the truth is it made her feel terrible.'

'She lost that epic swagger that made Tiny who she was,' the insider said, adding that while her marriage with T.I. was on the rocks, Tiny stopped taking care of herself.

She stopped working out, and this made her lose her confidence even more. But when everyone thought that she finally hit rock bottom she managed to find the strength to get back on her feet.

'When it really looked like her marriage was over, Tiny turned it around though and started working out hard again,' the source stated.



'She was in the gym, working out with her trainer non-stop making sure she got her booty popping once again and it paid off. She’s in there doing squats, lunges, boxing and more!'

You can see that the results speak for themselves. Besides setting the revenge body goals for anyone with a broken heart, Tiny's booty has sent T.I. through the roof.

Tiny also send him some very cool twerking videos to drive him crazy. He thinks that Tiny looks hotter now than ever before and he is still on his best behavior, trying to save their marriage. We wish them good luck!

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