Tiny Harris's Fans Admire Her Strength In The Relationship With T.I.

Tiny Harris's Fans Admire Her Strength In The Relationship With T.I.
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris is really supportive of all her friends and she promotes their businesses whenever she gets the chance. She now promoted Shekinah Anderson's offer on her social media account. Check out her message below.

'Don’t miss Cyber Monday.. my friend got a big 35% off sale today!! You are going to love all her hair products & her sexy work out gear!! Shop www.shekinahjo.com before the day is up!! 👑❤️' Tiny was posting the other day.

People gushed over the way Tiny supports her pals, but they also congratulated her f or the strength that she's showing in her relationship with rapper Tip .

Someone told Tiny: 'So proud of you on Red table talk!!! Love you, you’re one of a kind!!!! Immaaaa gone, let you see they can NEVER BE ME!!! Whew, you meant them lyrics!!! 😭🔥'

Another follower said: 'Red table talk, we all felt for you! I pray you really find true peace and your relationship and that he learns to let you speak and continue to have your OWN voice. Don’t let that man make you feel like you’re not enough. It was hard to watch how he tried to control how YOU felt. Peace and love to you♥️'

One commenter posted this: 'Just got finished watching the Red Table Talk, Tiny you are very strong. I admire your strength in this relationship. Wow.'

Someone else also gushed over the interview: 'Loved your interview on Red Table Talk, being open and honest about your marriage was refreshing. You can definitely see the undeniable love y’all have ✨'

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