Tiny Harris's Daughter Deyjah Shares Her High School Graduation Photo And T.I. Might Have Another Meltdown

Tiny Harris's Daughter Deyjah Shares Her High School Graduation Photo And T.I. Might Have Another Meltdown

OMG, T.I. will be crying again because his daughter, Deyjah Harris, shared her high school graduation photo. His son, Domani Harris, is also graduating.

She looks angelic in white for her high school graduation photo, and the image is beyond stunning.

The teen daughter of rapper T.I. and diva Tiny Harris happily flashed a million-dollar smile in her white robe and cap.

Deyjah had her long brownish/red cascading on her shoulder. Since Deyjah started appearing on T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle with her siblings -- Zonnique, King, and baby Heiress -- she has seen a boon on her social media pages.

T.I.'s daughter hit one million followers, and she made sure to thank all of them.

She told them: "to all 1M all you✨,
I pray that you are aware of the talents and abilities stored inside of you. There is nothing that any of you cannot do, be, or have and please, don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise. If any of you are currently dealing with something, please remain patient (trust God, His timing, His plan for you, etc.) and be aware of the fact that whatever it is you’re dealing with, it’s shaping and molding you into the individual you were created and designed to be. The beauty behind the pain, stresses, fears, disappointments, setbacks, etc. will soon be revealed, just as your potential will slowly unfold itself right in front you. All that you are and everything that comes with you is beautiful. I wish you all much love, success, peace and serenity, happiness, growth, and I pray many more opportunities and blessings are presented to you??. thank you, and I love you all?."

One fan said: "Wowwww her caption is so beautiful, graceful and poignant! And not even 18 yet.... love it! ✨?❤️✨ She is beautiful inside and out. Brains & beauty!congratulations on upcoming graduation!"

Another commenter told Tiny's daughter: "love how you know your worth and how much of a young lady you have grown. I know your family is proud of you. Continue to be the young lady you are. T.I look like he gone need all them guns back......lol."

T.I.P.'s baby girl is heading to college indeed.

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  • JEN
    JEN Nov 19, 2018 11:26 AM PST

    Will they stop with the plastic surgery already!! Zonnique and De'ja are so pretty in their own right. They don't need all that like Tiny. And her boo mother's name is Ranika.

  • Okay.
    Okay. Nov 19, 2018 6:01 AM PST

    She’s breathtaking but she has a Mom, this isn’t Tiny’s child it is her stepdaughter. You can’t just assign kids to the famous people you know of, loll.

  • Janice Black
    Janice Black Nov 19, 2018 5:17 AM PST

    She is not Tiny's daughter talk about her real mother sometime

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