Tiny Harris & Zonnique Pullins Are Gushing Over Bahja Rodriguez Who Just Dropped 'Take 3' Album

Tiny Harris & Zonnique Pullins Are Gushing Over Bahja Rodriguez Who Just Dropped 'Take 3' Album
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Both Tiny Harris and her daughter, Zonnique Pullins usually support their friends and share all their achievements on their social media accounts. Now, it's Bahja Rodriguez's turn as she just dropped her album called Take 3 and the two ladies promoted it on their Instagram accounts.

'Today is finally here!!! My beauty @bahjarodriguez dropped #take3 and I couldn’t be more proud of her and this amazing project! #thirdtimesacharm I’ve always knew that she had IT & will always be one of her biggest fans!! If you don’t have your download you need to get it!! Support My Girls...Forever my #OMGBaby #Bahja #Beauty? #ImSoTerritorialAboutAllMyBabiesLol #CongratulationsBae ??????' Tiny captioned her own post that she shared on her social media account.

'Yes bahja music is so good can't wait to hear Zonniques new music.. @majorgirl you need to make a show where your mentoring up and coming artist because you can pick great talent @majorgirl' one of Tiny's fans posted.

'She might as well just left her top off. There wouldn't have been a difference. It definitely doesn't bother me ? just saying.... let's see some more skin next time' another one of Tiny's followers wrote.

'Have you already got my besties 3P? Its such an amazing body of work! so proud of you and all your growth man! go support my bae and get anywhere streaming music!' Zonnique captioned her post on Instagram.

'@zonniquejailee Ima need another ep or whatnot no sweat for an album.... I love Love Jones yet yearning for more,' one of her fans said.

'Yassss already lit????❤, now I’m looking forward to some music from you and Bre,' someone else gushed as well over Bahja's music.

Congratulations on your album, Bahja!


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