Tiny Harris Worried T.I. Is Cheating While Away On Movie Set? - Planning ‘Surprise Visit!’

Tiny Harris Worried T.I. Is Cheating While Away On Movie Set? - Planning ‘Surprise Visit!’
Credit: Source: refinery29.com

As fans know, it hasn’t been long since Tiny Harris stopped by her husband T.I.’s movie set in South Africa where he is filming Monster Hunter! That being said, one new report says she’s getting ready to make a surprise visit once again! Is Tiny affected by the distance between them?

Going all the way to South Africa just to see her hubby is pretty crazy, especially if you’re thinking to do it twice in such a short period of time!

But no distance can keep Tiny Harris from her rapper husband.

One insider shared with the outlet that ‘Tiny practically just got back from visiting T.I. onset in South Africa but she’s already started planning another trip back to Africa to see her husband. She knows T.I. is missing his kids a lot, he isn’t used to going this long without seeing them and she wants to bring them all out there to surprise him.’

‘Popping up on him when he isn’t expecting her is a great way to check up on him but this isn’t about her being worried that he’s cheating, her motivation for this surprise is all about family. She knows Tip is missing the kids like crazy and she wants to fix that.’

Not to mention that she had a great experience with Tip in South Africa the last time!

The man made sure to make her visit very special.

According to the source, ‘He arranged it all for them, including a private chef and crew. They watched the sunset and had a five-course dinner and then had a night of passion that made her feel like they were on their honeymoon.’

All things considered, it makes sense she’d want to go back!

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