Tiny Harris & T.I. Are Reportedly Preparing For The Most Romantic Thanksgiving

Tiny Harris & T.I. Are Reportedly Preparing For The Most Romantic Thanksgiving

The latest reports are quite hot, we can say. It seems that if these are true, that T.I. and Tiny Harris will not be needing any pumpkin pie because these two cuties have other plans for when Thanksgiving dinner is over.

At least this is what a source of the online magazine Hollywood Life has been telling them.

'This year they have more than ever to be thankful for,' the source says. 'Their marriage is in a great place. Last year, celebrated together but they honestly didn’t know if they would still be together for this Thanksgiving.'

The insider continued to spill the tea and said 'Tiny is so incredibly grateful that they’re still making it work. She’s also grateful for the way he is showing up for her. Tip’s been putting in a solid effort and showing her in so many ways that she’s truly his soul-mate. He’s been very romantic too. He’s sent her lots of flowers – that kind of thing – and she’s feeling so blessed and grateful for their love.'

We have to admit that we also get emotional to find out how these two feel about one another after all this time, and especially after everything that happened.

Especially in the past couple of years, their marriage has been a rollercoaster of both happiness and sadness, joyful events and disappointing ones as well.

But what matters the most is that these two are doing fine now, and they're still together, and this is enough to be thankful for. Not to mention their lovely, loving kids that they have.

Speaking of the kids, Tiny recently shared the cutest video with her and Tip's boys King and Major while they were on stage with their dad. Fans were here for it.

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  • Leah Noid
    Leah Noid Nov 24, 2018 10:22 AM PST

    I absolutely love this couple and their beautiful children. I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ that he blesses them to stay together until eternity. Look, this is one life we must live. Do it gracefully with the one you love and make the most of it. TI and Tiny, continue to be there for one another and keep folks out of your business. Enjoy your life together and keep that fire burning. Stay encouraged and be blessed. # Leah in Milwaukee praying for the Harris family. God Bless you all.

  • Ashley Roberson
    Ashley Roberson Nov 22, 2018 1:46 PM PST

    I wish.the Harris family a great Thanksgiving and fun holidays threw out the rest of the year.

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