Tiny Harris Supports Reginae Carter And Makes It Clear That Toya Wright's Daughter Is No Toy

Tiny Harris Supports Reginae Carter And Makes It Clear That Toya Wright's Daughter Is No Toy
Credit: Complex.com

Reginae Carter shared a couple of new pics in which she's wearing a gorgeous outfit and fans are here for this new look. More followers said that her jumpsuit is on point.

Reginae captioned her post with the following words:

'You think I’m something to play with? Lace slayed by @jasmine.dior,' and Tiny Harris quickly jumped in the comments and answered Nae's question: 'Betta not!!!🔥🔥🔥'


Someone said 'Yfn Lucci or whatever ya name is...u a fool my nigga! Please don't respond back either.' The person addressed Nae's boo, YFN Lucci, but Nae and Lucci are still an item these days.

A lot of fans also said that Nae is slowly but surely turning into her mom. She always hers this from her fans and followers- the fact that she's twining with Toya Wright.

Her fans are also excited about the new movie that will be coming out soon and in which Nae will be starring.

Someone said 'Baby I got my tv recording it already and it hasn’t even come on yet... I said “bay record that movie Nae in” lol I’m ready to you my girl.'

One fan said, 'Love how you’ve stepped back from the social media mess & focused on REAL coins 🤑'

Someone else addressed the pregnancy rumors that have been surrounding Nae indeed for a while, although nothing like this has been confirmed: '@colormenae I seen a post talking about you're pregnant, I just wanna say congrats if it's true, but if it's not I hope you go a long way. You got so much going for yourself, get your mind, body, and soul right ...you don't need any distractions..love you lots .. 💙💙💙💙💯 and yes I'm real for this movie to drop'

Stay tuned for more Reginae-related new and make sure not to miss her movie, Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta airing on June 1st.


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