Tiny Harris' Stepdaughter Deyjah Gets Flirty In Red Outfit -- These Videos Will Drive T.I. Insane

Tiny Harris' Stepdaughter Deyjah Gets Flirty In Red Outfit -- These Videos Will Drive T.I. Insane
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Miss Deyjah Harris has fans asking, is there anything this talented girl cannot do? Tiny Harris and her rapper husband, T.I., have another reason to be proud.

Over the weekend, Deyjah stopped traffic and turned heads in a flirty red outfit as she hosted her first event in Columbia, South Carolina.

The college-bound teenager wore a furry crop top that highlighted her small waistline along with matching pants.

Videos showed that Tiny's young princess vowed the large crowd at the Fresh Empire event.

One fan said: "Ummm, like when is the clothing line coming out? OMG !!! You would be the perfect model for a clothing line. Straight killing it... Gorgeousness overload. @troubledte6 @majorgirl yall gotta make this happen. When it comes to family hustles, yall always top #1. Let's get to it now. Chop. Chop. I love my beautiful people. Keep rising is what we do. I Salute yall !!"

Another commenter stated: "Since I've seen you on the show 't.i. and tiny family and friend hustle" you've been pretty quiet lately... I liked the pranks you did on our family...maybe if they allow you to ...can you try pulling a prank on your dad or stepmom to bust a laugh."

This supporter claimed: "You have grown into such a beautiful young lady..... I know yall have grown up 9n tv, but when I see you older kids and yall little brothers even Heiress talking, I feel old."

In related T.I.P. and Tiny news, it is being claimed that after appearing on their VH1 show, they are closer than ever.

A source said: “Tiny knows that Tip values his family more than anything in this world. But she also knows that he struggles to avoid temptation, and he has plenty of temptation dangled in front of him on a regular basis with beautiful women literally throwing themselves at him via social media and in person when he’s performing. Tiny likes to remind Tip about the divorce filing whenever she feels his attention might be straying, and props where props are due, it does seem to be keeping him in line.”

Deyjah will keep T.I. up at night.

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