Tiny Harris Shows Off The Outfit In Which She Kicked Off The Holidays

Tiny Harris Shows Off The Outfit In Which She Kicked Off The Holidays
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Tiny Harris' latest pics on Instagram show off her Fashion Nova outfit in which she started the Holidays. Her fans adore her and Heiress Harris as well, who is also featured a lot lately on Tiny's social media.

'Kicking off the holidays in my cute little @fashionnova # with My Sunshine @heiressdharris cute lil self..?? photo cred @74creativegroup,' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone said 'It is sooo amazing how she is a beautiful spitting image of both you and @troubleman31 !!! Y'all have done and are doing an overly amazing job raising yalls whole offsprings!!!'

Another follower gushed over Tiny 'I love that about you @majorgirl you show love to all the kids in their own personal way that’s so Dope.'

Someone else posted '@majorgirl I know how it is. My youngest was the hardest to let go of. The feeling of no more babies is hard sometimes.'

Another supporter praised Tiny and wished her family all the best: 'You're a Beautiful woman, and very great role model for me and other women and young marry Christmas to your family.'

Someone else said that 'I love how surrounded your kids by love you are my inspiration to be a good mom every day besides my kids and mom and grandma.'

Tiny recently shared another video with Heiress in which she’s talking about making slime. The sharp kid is too adorable for words and fans were crazy with excitement to see her.

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