Tiny Harris Shows Off Gifts From T.I. And Zonnique Pullins And Fans Say Tip Is Her Soulmate - Watch The Video

Tiny Harris Shows Off Gifts From T.I. And Zonnique Pullins And Fans Say Tip Is Her Soulmate - Watch The Video
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Tiny Harris proudly showed off the gorgeous floral arrangements that she received from her family in a recent social media video. She shared with fans the lovely flowers that she got from T.I. and Zonnique Pullins and her followers cannot stop praising her and her family as well.

'When u are missed & loved by the ones you love most!! Thank you for all the amazing arrangements Mr.H @troubleman31 & my 1st??? @zonniquejailee so sweet of you both! ????? #ILoveThisFamilyOfMine ?' Tiny captioned the video.

Someone posted 'I swear my heart tells me we’re related.. my grandma last name was Harris.. and we all have them noses ?.. ❤️y’all growth and family involvement with one another as well as friends... congratulations on your success as well!! XSCAPE❤️..'

Another follower had a message for Zonnique and said '@zonniquejailee That’s right show her love every chance you get because life is not promised at all and to have no regrets when she’s gone. Love your mom and siblings till God call them home.'

Someone else also gushed over Tiny and Tip's marriage and posted 'DONT EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR MARRIAGE...♥️No man is perfect and like my mother told me when u leave him u you’re leaving him for another woman to take and all the time and effort u put in is going to waste I’ve been married 8 years, and I’d be damn if I leave and he change for another woman that he only met for 8 hours or 8 days no it’s till death do us part and besides no man is perfect ALWAYS ask God to give you strength when you feel like giving up. whether it’s every day or every other day.because from watching the shows, TI loves you.'

Another person is also convinced that Tip loves her and these two are soulmates:

'Mannnn. Tip is your soulmate...I was so stressed during this craziness with you guys. Believe it or not, I prayed for your marriage to be saved and when I saw the video of him, you, and the baby girl on stage I watched it over, and over, and over again. It made me so happy and felt like it was hope for you guys. Anyway. I'm still praying for you guys as well as your family.#GodIsGood.'

Recently it was reported by a source of the online magazine Hollywood Life that Tiny tries her best to keep Tip in line even if this sometimes involves threatening him with going through with the divorce they put on hold a while ago.


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  • Tamara Johnson
    Tamara Johnson Nov 20, 2018 11:13 PM PST

    I Love this family..

  • beverlyallen503@gmail
    [email protected] Nov 20, 2018 7:13 AM PST

    No Divorce ! Yall too cute . stop listening to

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