Tiny Harris Shows Love For R. Kelly After This Video Surfaced

Tiny Harris Shows Love For R. Kelly After This Video Surfaced
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Despite being behind bars, R. Kelly has a few big names defending his hard work and undeniable talent as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

This week, rapper Boosie did an interview where he revealed that while Kelly was wrong to sexually abuse these young women, allegedly, of course, his music is iconic, and his catalog is more impressive than Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, and even Michael Jackson.

Boosie claimed: "Nobody! Who you gone call? Michael Jackson? No. Beyoncé? No. Nobody got more hits than R. Kelly. He can't f*ck with no R. Kelly. Stevie Wonder can't f*ck with no R. Kelly! Let's keep it real, man... I don't give a damn what he did, who he f*cked. I know he f*cked up, but when it came to talent, we cannot take this away from R. Kelly 'cause you don't take it away from Michael Jackson, so we ain't going to take it away from R. Kelly."

Xcape diva Tiny Harris stepped in the comment section to show love for R. Kelly by saying: "He ain’t lying tho...I don’t know many if any that can fuk wit catalog fr."

This backer stated: "The accuracy of this; however, most people can’t separate his lifestyle from his talent. Kells is a musical genius, I don’t agree with his choices, but when it comes to music, he got that right. 🤷🏽‍♀️"

A critic wrote: "He got more jail time then all of them combined, but who’s counting 🤷🏾‍♂️."

This person stated: "Michael Jackson? Beyoncé? Stop playing Boosie. Smh, I can’t believe people agree with him. MJ had hiiiiiiiiits & an international star! Classic songs. Thriller alone would beat his little songs & videos. That’s disrespectful!"

One follower said: "Nobody in the history of music is beating Michael Jackson in a hit/song battle. Idek why you’d even mention his name lol. R Kelly def would be tough to beat, though."

Another backer wrote: "Listen, Nobody is more famous than MJ..... Kelz looks up to MJ.......he has more hits GLOBALLY; however, noooo. One can battle Kelz. It has to be R.Kelly vs Kelz vs R. V Robert vs Pied piper vs Robert Sylvester Kelly period and then here's a real."

Kelly remains a controversial force in R&B music despite his problems with the law.


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