Tiny Harris Shows Birthday Love To Bahja Rodriguez

Tiny Harris Shows Birthday Love To Bahja Rodriguez
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris praised Baha Rodriguez and posted a message for her birthday in order to mark he event on her social media account. Fans are always gushing over Tiny because she's so supportive of her family and friends.

'It’s my Bae Bae @bahjarodriguez birthday & I want y’all to show her some birthday love & go download, stream her new single “Don’t Say” my baby forever! Been with u since birth & I’m forever here for u!! U are still 1/3 of the hottest, trendsetting girl group of y’alls time. Thank you for letting start your career,' Tiny began her post.

She continued and said: 'Still as proud of u as the day we started in this business I believe 2009 keep shining! U make me so proud! I will always consider u to be my little superstar!! Love u Bae.. Happy 23 👑💖🥰😘'

Her niece responded with: 'Awww auntie I love you 💕thank you so much. It’s so many lessons I still carry with me that you taught me about the industry I’m forever grateful 😊🤞🏾'

A follower posted: 'Happy birthday beautiful njoy ur day and my god continue to bless u and ur family wit many more to come🎉🎉🎉💙💙💙'

Someone else said: 'Happy Birthday Bahja!! That Boy it's over song is still on my playlist and I like it better than the original.'

One other commenter posted: 'Omg the 3rd pic is her mom holding her?? I thought that was her lol....so damn cute 😍😍😍'

Somoene had an idea and told it to Tiny: '@majorgirl I know you probably heard this all before but have u and Tip ever thought about doing a song together with the kids like a hustle song because all of u are super talented in yall own way an I think it would be super cute and super awesome to have a song by the Harris family. ❤️'

Tiny also celebrated her brother’s birthday, and she penned an emotional message on her social media account.

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