Tiny Harris Shares Her Secret To Being 'Summertime Fine' - Here's What She Eats!

Tiny Harris Shares Her Secret To Being 'Summertime Fine' - Here's What She Eats!
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Tiny Harris looks stunning and she decided to share her secrets for a great body just in time for summer! The singer revealed what she eats to get in shape.

The star has apparently been focused on becoming ‘summertime fine’ even though she’s already in shape as it is!

The Xscape member told HollywoodLife during an exclusive interview that she wants to make fitness a bigger part of her daily routine since summer is right around the corner.

But Tiny is well aware her time in the gym would not be enough since a very well balanced diet is also very important.

Tiny who’s been a pescatarian for almost two years, meaning that she eats fish but no other type of meat, said: ‘I try to eat pretty good. Honestly, semi-pescatarian [lately], because I just started eating meat a little bit. I feel like a bit of anything in moderation is okay.’

As for how she manages to keep to her good eating habits, Tiny revealed that she tries to be really disciplined since temptation is hard to resist.

Therefore, she rarely eats out and tries to stay motivated.

So when it comes to the food she consumes, she’s on top of it but she admitted that working out hasn’t been as much of a priority lately since ‘It’s hard with a baby!’

The star was referring to her youngest, Heiress, who turned 3 years old back in March.

However, ‘I do plan on working out a lot, because I wanna be summertime fine. I was boxing, and I do want to get back into boxing and working out more. — That’s the plan.’

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