Tiny Harris Shares Her Monday Night Madness After She Posted A Message For The First Man She Ever Fell In Love With

Tiny Harris Shares Her Monday Night Madness After She Posted A Message For The First Man She Ever Fell In Love With
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Tiny Harris shared the most emotional message for her dad on Father's Day. Her fans were beyond impressed to read such heartfelt words and you can check out the post she shared on her social media account.

'Happy Father’s Day to the first man I ever fell in love with!! U loved me like a little girl should be loved by her daddy!! I miss u so much so thankful for the woman u help make me. U will always be my hero!! I was always intrigued by how u was a very mild-mannered, gentle person but a beast on stage. I am my daddy’s child.. I thank God he chose u as my father. Rest In Heaven my Angel 🙏🏽👑❣️ Someone sent me this pic of u & @iamlatocha I thought was a fond memory of who u were & what u loved. U loved yourself some Xscape girls,' Tiny posted.

LaTocha responded and said: 'This melts my heart. I loved me some “Speedy” and he loved him some “XSCAPE” You couldn’t tell him nothing when it came to us. One of the most impressive men I’ve ever met, always dressed to impress and had the spirit of a living Angel. I’m so glad to have had the pleasure of him being in my life. He made it feel like it would all be better no matter what. #lovespeedy ❤️❤️❤️❤️'

Someone posted: 'I didn't know he passed 😢 I remember seeing him on the show I think it was the second season he really loved music and family💜'

Another follower said, 'Happy Heavenly Fathers Day to your daddy. Lost mine last yr. Keep the memories alive.'

Somoene else gushed over Tiny's family and said: 'You have such a wonderful family. Your parents were so strong and loving. It’s no wonder you’re such a Beautiful spirit.'

After these sad and emotional moments, Tiny got herself together and shared a jaw-dropping look from yesterday evening. Check out her post below.

'Monday night madness in my @fashionnova Glam @shereeglamdolls @bkluvsme 👑🏦♋️' she captioned her post on IG.

Someone had an observation about Tiny's shoes and said: 'Tiny are you standing on top of your shoes LOL that looks like one of those poses that I do when my damn feet hurt😂. You look beautiful🔥'

Another follower wrote: 'Saw you slaying at the one! You stood out apart from the crowd naturally due to your beauty .. then after that, I squinted my eyes like who’s this badass and was like OH S*IT that’s THE MISSES HARRIS !! Lol 🔥🔥🔥.'

Tiny has been living her best life with her family these days, and fans are happy to know that she and Tip are doing great .

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