Tiny Harris Shares An Outrageous Video Related To George Floyd's Death

Tiny Harris Shares An Outrageous Video Related To George Floyd's Death
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Tiny Harris could not be more upset after seeing a video that she re-posted herself on social media. It's about the infamous cop that had his knee on George Floyd's neck. Check out the footage below.

'This is unbelievable; what is going on at this killer's house!! Any black cop that would stand there to protect these racist killers is just as much part of the problem as them!! Gotta love this lady for having the balls to show how the city of Minnesota feels they need to protect these killers at any cost!!! #GeorgeFloyd #SayHisName We want Justice period!!!' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone said: 'The police are the biggest gang out there. You mess with one you mess with all. Smh. #RIPGeorgeFloyd.'

A commenter wrote: 'That’s just sad these black officers are definitely part of the problem and need to be dealt with also 🤞🏾 we want justice PERIODT 🙏🏾' and someone else posted this message: 'Wow....How can they ? When #GeorgeFloyd was crying out.'

Someone else posted: 'They should be turned the opposite way! Protecting us from them!'

Another fan of Tiny's had their own story to tell: 'But I know a guy I use to date called the police on his way home and told them someone is following me please send a cop to meet me at my house they never showed up he was murdered at his mom doorstep they are getting paid to protect and serve us but refuse to do so the amount of protection for this killer is unbelievable.'

Someone else posted this: 'Not one of them protected Mr. George Floyd!!! Enough is Enough!! We want justice!!!' and another follower said: 'Tiny!! We can’t stop! By any means necessary!!!!! If anyone is offended, they are part of the problem. Period.'

A lot of celebrities are talking about the George Floyd case these days – this shocked the whole country, and more people are addressing the terrible subject. Tiny and Rasheeda Frost also had to say some things about the matter.

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