Tiny Harris Shares A Video About Late Breonna Taylor And How The Cops Lied To Her Man

Tiny Harris Shares A Video About Late Breonna Taylor And How The Cops Lied To Her Man
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The case of Breonna Taylor became the topic of the day for a while now and people are asking for justice in her case as well. Check out Tiny Harris' latest post about the subject.

'This heartbreaking to watch the mother of #BreonnaTaylor. Speak about losing her child to the hands of these Fucked up police! As a mother it is my biggest fear in the world to bury any of your children. We will continue to Say Her Name & fight for #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor her family deserves it! Praying for your strength & peace #TamikaPalmer,' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone said: 'This is soooooo sad! This girl did not deserve to die in the hands of animals! Then lying to her mother😭 JUSTICE FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL ANGEL! who didn’t deserve to die 💔 #blacklivesmatter.'

Another follower said: 'Lord Heavenly Father my sister in Christ needs your speedy help with the brutal murder of her daughter and she truly needs justice please God help her in your son Jesus Precious and Holy name Amen.'

Someone else said that 'You can no longer feel safe in your own home. Where is the pursuit of happiness?😭😢 #sad,' and anoterh commenter posted this message: 'With her being so nice they will continue to try and feed her bullshit!!! My heart goes out to her..... true justice is needed!'

Another follower said: 'They all in on the cover all of including the grand jury the judges the officers their bosses.'

Someone else wrote: 'This is heartbreaking..regardless of the situation they should have told her what happened to her child. They could have given details later... Its crazy how they gave her the run around knowing what they did and then tried to cover it up... Where is the compassion, apology to this woman. Everyone involved needs to be held accountable.'

A commenter said: 'That's terrible and even some of the black cops be knowing the bull crap going with their own people and don't do anything.'

Other than this, Tiny  shared a video featuring her baby girl, Heiress Harris while she’s showing off her singing talent.

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