Tiny Harris Says Winter Is Coming In Latest Video After T.I. Reconciliation

Tiny Harris Says Winter Is Coming In Latest Video After T.I. Reconciliation
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Wow, Tiny Harris has declared that winter is here with her latest video. T.I.'s wife looks like she has been cast in an episode of Game of Thrones with her sexy winter white hair color.

The petite Xscape singer took to social media where she posted a few dazzling pictures of her new look and fans adore it.

Many find the diva picked the right hair color for her blue eyes because she looks like a frozen queen. One supporter said she had the best look of 2019 and these other ladies cannot compete with her because she is slaying it.

One supporter stated: "Blonde hair and blue eyes..... ok I see what's going on here. Look like the queen of dragons 😍Game of thrones ❤️These ladies let me know that it’s alright to age, 😍.People so unhappy with themselves they will say anything she looks great ❤️😍."

Another fan added this comment: "Winter is here.#frozen boss queen 🥶Shes feeding us looks this 2019 😍😍🤗🤗🤗 yessss b*chh. Tiny really can do no wrong. You are just hating if you think so! Beautiful woman!"

The third follower claimed: "She's feeding us looks this 2019 😍😍🤗🤗🤗 yessss bichhhh. She definitely slays the colors no doubt 😍She’s actually looking better and better, go tiny. 👏🏼😍"

In related Tiny news, she has never been happier because T.I.P. is back home.

A source told Hollywood Life : "Tiny is much happier now that T.I. has moved back in with her and the kids. Ever since this return, they have been happy, more in love than ever and things have been going really great for the couple. Their love is stronger now, their bond is tight, and they are in a great place as a couple and family.”

The person added: “Tiny had been reluctant for a long time to allow T.I. to return home. She really felt it was better to keep her own domain. She worried if she let him get too comfortable he would go back to his old ways. But it was making things confusing for their kids not having him around daily, and it was hard on Tiny, too.”

After all the cheating scandals and divorce drama, Tiny seems to have found true love again with the same man and is happy to be reunited with him.

The family friend stated: “Tiny hopes this time T.I. living at home is for good and that they will never go through something like that again.”

Tiny is always on top of her game.

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