Tiny Harris Says Her Upcoming EP Will Reveal A Lot About Her Relationship With T.I.

Tiny Harris Says Her Upcoming EP Will Reveal A Lot About Her Relationship With T.I.
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Tiny Harris will apparently be getting pretty personal with her new music, taking fans into her life with her hubby, rapper T.I. and that means some spicy details from the bedroom as well! The Xscape singer’s new EP, titled Where I’m At is set to be released on July 12 and Tiny made it very clear that she will only speak the truth in her upcoming tracks’ lyrics!

Since her longtime relationship with Tip is doing great these days, despite that not always being the case, it sounds like Tiny wants to take the listeners through the rollercoaster of their romance, from hot to cold and then hot again!

By sharing this big part of her life, the star will definitely be connecting with her fans on a whole new level.

While on the HollywoodLife podcast earlier this month, Tiny dished that ‘I’m excited for the project because it goes in depth about my story and life. I have a few songs that are to take you deeper into our relationship. A lot of people want to know or feel like they know what is going on from the blogs, and a lot of it is not true.’

So expect Tiny to expose the fake reports by sharing her truth.

As it turns out, this is also a great opportunity for her to further introduce her bedroom alter ego Ryder.

‘You will be able to hear a lot of it from me. There are sounds that are not, well, necessarily what Tiny would be saying about the married life with kids and everything. I have that flip side, which is my alter ego Ryder. There are so many good songs that I feel like are more in Ryder’s lane, but I’m going to do both.’

Tiny mentioned that about half of the songs on the upcoming EP are going to be from her point of view while the other half will be shared with the world via Ryder.

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