Tiny Harris Rocks High Ponytail Like Beyonce In Photos With T.I.'s Little Princess Baby Heiress

Tiny Harris Rocks High Ponytail Like Beyonce In Photos With T.I.'s Little Princess Baby Heiress
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Tameka "Tiny" Harris has fans going gaga with her latest look. The petite diva is rocking the high ponytail that Beyonce recently put back in the fashion forefront.

Queen Bey brought back the high ponytail at the MET GALA in 2015, and since then, many celebrities have decided to put their original spin on the simple yet elegant hairstyle.

This week, T.I's wife uploaded a video where she is rocking the sexy hairdo, perfect makeup, large hoops, and a black hoodie.

As she was promoting a clothing company, Tiny made sure she played with her hair for fans to understand that she was happy with what her hairstylist had accomplished.

In the brief clip, she explained that the light was perfect for her to get great photos.

She also confessed that she was currently in New York -- probably on business or filming scenes for the Xscape reality series.

Tiny is rarely alone -- she also unveiled a few pictures where she is snuggling the love of her life -- baby Heiress -- who looked like a cute fuzzy bunny thanks to her hoodie.

The proud mama told her fans: "What love looks like...my mornings are Everything waking up to this face @heiressdharris #Ph.D. #Lucky7 #Toots #HeirBear #Scoot #BabyWithManyNames."

The picture and video have sparked a fiery debate on hair.

One person made the following point: "Tiny and Heiress are Twins gave birth to YOURSELF. She looks really pretty!!....Hate the "baby" hairs look on any grown woman. Black women are screaming about loving our natural kinky hair but we trying to have baby hairs which are the same as the negative "good hair" mentality. Yep, I said. I like her high pony though. It's cute.This is SO her!!! Love it!!!"

Another commenter stated: "Still can’t get over the fact that she let someone poke around in her EYEBALL just to get blue eyes. She looks great with the hair though."

A real fan whished Tiny well and said she would be at her Xscape concert.

The person wrote: "Awww girly girl's you all so adorable pretty brown girly girls! Keepsake photo. You looking back young again and vibrant! Sometimes God's you in crazzzzzy ways. Don't look back, keep pushing forward! SN. I will be attending your event on December 5th! I got the closest seat that I could afford, but God made it possible. I have only been to a concert once, and that was Yolanda Adams. And now God's will, yours! I will never forget this. I almost came to tears from that last part."

Who rocked the high ponytail better, Beyonce or Tiny?

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  • Pat
    Pat Nov 15, 2017 11:36 AM PST

    Y the media put Beyonce in everything. I'm sure tiny did not have Beyonce in mind when she got her ponytail.

  • Desi
    Desi Nov 15, 2017 4:43 AM PST

    Beyonce did not create that hairstyle and she copied that pose.

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