Tiny Harris Reveals Heiress Harris' Latest YouTube Video

Tiny Harris Reveals Heiress Harris' Latest YouTube Video
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Tiny Harris reveals Heiress Harris' latest YouTube video. Check out her post here.

Tiny said: 'If u haven’t check out @heiressdharris newest YouTube video.. let the kiddos tune into #HeiressDoesItAll #ItsAFamilyAffair #My714KickedItWitUs.'

Someone commented: 'She talks like a mini Tiny!😍🤣 like “come on girl communicate your feelings!”🤣 so cute!' and another follower said: 'Yessss she so cuteeee😍 “that’s why you was angry?” Lol❤️❤️'

One follower posted this: 'Lmaooooo because you didn’t have a sword ! Omg she so adorable,' and another follower said: 'She is too mature for conversations with kids her age 😂'

A commenter said: 'So cute “that’s why you were angry cause you didn’t have a sword?”. She smart af. Adult sense. He didn’t tell her why he was angry she sensed it. I love her. ❤️ She always talk to babies like a baby when she a baby. 😍😍 Love how she dressed like a kid. She give me baby fever but I might have a bad kid 😂.'

One other follower posted this: 'Gotta love herrrr. She has an old soul and she is very cute 😍😍' and a follower said: 'Heiress is going to be a big star, her name is definitely going to be in lights.😊😊'

Someone else posted this: '"Angry" i just love her lil word choices. She's something else.'

Tiny Harris   is making her fans' day with this video that she shared. Check it out here.

'Good morning & good afternoon 🌍Someone who felt I needed to hear this sent me this days ago. So i felt the need to share. Have an amazing Sunday.. 🙏🏽👑‼️ #ThxBrit #TDJakes #Thankful #BlessedNHighlyFavored,' Tiny said.


A follower said: 'My God I just said about an hour ago I don’t see how I’m going to come out and then this! Right on time! 🙌'

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