Tiny Harris Reveals A Secret About Her Daughter, Zonnique Pullins

Tiny Harris Reveals A Secret About Her Daughter, Zonnique Pullins
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Tiny Harris just told her fans and followers on IG a secret about her daughter, Zonnique Pullins. Check out her recent post on social media.

'#FBF The reason why my 1st 💙💙💙 @zonniquejailee so humble & cool is cause she went to a Christian academy until the 8th grade! Foundation is everything!! Always was my Pride & Joy!! Just a lil of my appreciation of how amazing my daughter is to me!! 🙏🏽👑💙👯‍♀️' Tiny captioned her post.

Zonnique hopped in the comments and told her fans: 'chile I was the Regina George of that Christian school lol I’m humble because my grandparents and parents were a great example! Christian school made me a God-fearing woman though.. my family is my foundation 💘 love you mommyyyy.'

She continued and said: 'and this wasn’t my school fit guys, this was from a play I was in...that my mom gladly put me in my place after giving me roses lol.'

A follower believes that 'It truly helps when God and Christian values are planted early. They may stray but they never forget and come back to what they know is right. Amen 🙏🏽'

Someone else posted this: 'You did an exceptional job with her! She’s very humble, sweet, and so caring.'

One otheer follower gushed over Zonnique and said: 'Beautiful Spirit Beautiful Soul Always Show Through Her Whole Being... Heavenly Made She Is!'

Another commenter said: '@majorgirl You did a great job I love how humble and loving Zonnique is,' and someone else posted this: 'And you raised her well sis❤️ She is not fast & always trying to be SEEN❤️'

Zonnique made headlines not too long ago when she praised her BF, Bandhunta Izzy’s new music .

She supported him by sharing his latest body of work on her social media account, and he made sure to send her some love.

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