Tiny Harris Reportedly Has All Of T.I.'s Passwords To Regain Trust

Tiny Harris Reportedly Has All Of T.I.'s Passwords To Regain Trust
Credit: Source: bet.com

It seems that Tiny Harris is not playing around anymore after everything that's happened between her and T.I. After the video in which he was slapping another woman's booty things have changed between these two because Tiny was simply not able to trust her man anymore. Check out what she did.

'Tiny has laid down some rules for T.I. to try and build back some trust and that includes having access to all his phones and social media accounts. She’s taking a page out of Khloe Kardashian’s book and demanding full transparency. It goes both ways though, T.I. has all her pass codes too. Trust me he has his questions about her loyalty as well, so they are both checking up on each other now,' a source who knows more about this situation told the famous online magazine Hollywood Life.

This comes right after Tip tried to make it up to Tiny with a bunch of gorgeous gifts that he had for her birthday.

Tiny was impressed indeed especially by the amazing convertible Mercedes that she got from Tip.

Some of her fans accused her of being materialistic and forgiving Tip for his cheating, but other fans were happy that things are started to look better between these two.

We have to admit that we're also hoping they in the right path as a family these days.

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  • Martin
    Martin Jul 23, 2018 10:22 AM PDT

    Really who cares because if a man wants to cheat he will find a way!a new phone new account new apartment with phn for access etc believe me doing that won't change nothing ?leaving for good changes everything no playing no contact period.stop being afraid to leave a looser ladies and gentlemen!!

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