Tiny Harris Reminds Fans To Catch Her And T.I.'s Family Show Today - Here's A Sneak Peek

Tiny Harris Reminds Fans To Catch Her And T.I.'s Family Show Today - Here's A Sneak Peek
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Tiny Harris reminded her fans not to miss the Family show today. You can check out The Friends & Family Hustle on VH1 at 8.pm. Check out a short sneak peek below.

Someone said: 'Tiny you and your family and Toya family is my favorite on the show I just love yall,' and another follower had this message after checking out the video: 'Not good T.I. Hope she isn't pregnant.'

An Instagrammer posted this message: "Favorite show. I love that the show always has a lesson. Thanks for a positive show.'

One other fan said: 'I love them and all but he’s so calm with his son having sex but still goes with his 18year old daughter to the gyn 🤦🏽‍♀️ @msasia86 Not cool at all.'

A fan told the viewers: 'This is about something else and not that lil cry baby King. Watch...'

Someone else had this to say: 'As a parent of both a girl and boys also I don’t understand Tip's logic. I have watched the show since it started and I don’t understand why it’s okay to be so relaxed with boys having sex but want to make sure your daughter is still a virgin at 18? I worry more for my boys than my daughter!'

The same follower continued and said: 'All these girls have to do is just accuse a young boy of rape and their name is forever ruined. Also, if a girl sends naked pictures and sends them to a boy even if they are both underage the boy can be charged with child porn in a lot of states. I think back to when King first wanted to go on tour, and all those girls throwing panties and the reaction was just really lax. I am not insulting anyone’s parenting in any way I am just saying that times have changed, and raising a black son and the subject of sex is just so scary and has to be taken more seriously then it did just a generation ago before cell phones.'

A few days ago, Tiny gave her two pals Toya Johnson and Monica Denise a shoutout , and she shared a photo featuring the three of them.

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