Tiny Harris Remembers Nipsey Hussle With An Emotional Video: 'Greatness For A Lifetime' - Watch It Here

Tiny Harris Remembers Nipsey Hussle With An Emotional Video: 'Greatness For A Lifetime' - Watch It Here
Credit: Source: bet.com

Tiny Harris is still mourning after the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle whose life ended violently and much too soon. A lot of celebrities have been sending their love, kinds words and prayers to his family and especially to Lauren London who was left broken by this horrible tragedy.

Tiny shared a video of Nipsey speaking nothing but words of wisdom. Check it out below. Porsha Williams also shared this video .

'He speaking nothing but the truth!! He had an amazing energy that will never die. This is still upsetting knowing that one coward ass snitch, could take away someone that really stood for something. With a real voice for his family, for the ppl for the culture! Remembering @nipseyhussle greatness for a lifetime 🙏🏽👑🙌🏽💔' Tiny captioned her video.

Someone said 'I did not follow him closely but all of these jewels people have shown of him the past days makes me wish I had.'

Another hurt follower posted 'Man I been breaking down every day now randomly man he ain’t even deserve this man was bigger than that IM CRYING OUT PEACE BE STILL FOR THE FAMILY KIDS AND Lauren London man she needs every bit of it man and love just pour her in love and everything man. 🤧💔🙏🏾😪'

Someone else said 'Man. This one hurt. His spirit is different. He was about to change a lot for his community. So hurt.'

One other commenter wrote 'Honestly... His truth is so true..Its like God speaking right thru him.. I get chills every time I hear him talk Cuz he straight up speaking BIG UNADULTERATED FACTS!!!! The way his death shift the world.. Maaaaannnn.. EVERYBODY needs to take heed and see the bigger picture... A true lesson in this for us all... @majorgirl. 💙'

This person did not know too much about Nip, but now, they believe it's a shame what happened and cherishes his memory: 'I didn’t know much about him before his untimely demise. I knew of him, and his music but I had no idea how much he was doing with his life. His energy, his community, his life as a whole. What a shame. I’ve been watching non-stop coverage since Sunday, and have been praying for his family ever since. Truly if we didn’t wait for these moments to arrive to cherish the most beautiful thing in the world...our lives. I will continue to honor his memory by living his messages.'

Please, let's keep Nip's family and especially Lauren lifted in prayer.


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