Tiny Harris Refused To Be On RHOA After Getting An Offer - Here's Why!

Tiny Harris Refused To Be On RHOA After Getting An Offer - Here's Why!
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Tiny Harris could have been one of the Housewives on RHOA! According to new reports, the singer was offered a role on the show since she lives in Atlanta but she ended up not going for that gig.

During a brand new interview with HollywoodLife, she revealed the reason why!

It sounds like Tiny was just not that into the idea of being on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She explained that she has ‘Nothing against the show, I just think that… I do not really want to get into that. I love all of the girls and I'd like to stay friends with everybody. I do not want to be beefing with no one about nothing.’

However, Tiny confirmed that she was indeed offered a spot on the show.

In fact, by trying to get her to join the cast, the producers ended up finding another star.

Tiny told the news outlet that she was the one who gave them Kandi Burruss' phone number!

‘Back in the day they asked me about doing Housewives of Atlanta and I told them that they should call Kandi [Burruss]. I gave them Kandi’s number as I was in the middle of my own show; I had the Tiny and Toya, I was an executive producer. It was me and Toya and I had more creative control. My name was in the credits in the show's headline and I did not want to go and be a cast member.’

The star simply explained that she liked where she was already!

Either way, it sounds like Kandi Burruss owes her RHOA stardom to none other than Tiny!

In fact, she mentioned that she’d love it for Kandi to ‘acknowledge’ Tiny’s role in her getting the peach since she’s supposedly been giving credit to the wrong person.

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