Tiny Harris Reflects On The Time Her Group Xscape Was Sued By Cypress Hill

Tiny Harris Reflects On The Time Her Group Xscape Was Sued By Cypress Hill
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Tiny Harris was apart of one of the biggest R&B girl groups for years, and their debut record, Hummin' Comin' At Cha, achieved platinum status. Even though it was hailed by fans, the group came under fire for the title of the project.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from Tameka "Tiny" Harris this week during a conversation with Vlad from VladTV. The wife of the rapper, T.I, shared what it was like when she and the rest of her band, their label, and their manager were sued by Cypress Hill for using a lyric from their song for the album title.

In case you didn't know, the line, "Hummin' Comin' At Cha," was part of Cypress Hill's song, "How I Could Just Kill A Man." Tiny says she and the rest of her band fought Cypress Hill in a court of law in the 1990s, but they wound up losing.

She said to VladTV that using the song lyric for their album title was "definitely Jermaine Dupri's idea." Tameka says Dupri had an idea in his head mapped out for what the group should look like, including their vibe.

The idea was to be shocking, Tameka explained, because they all looked like "little rappers" but really they sang. Jermaine came up with the idea but it ultimately wound up causing a lot of problems for the group; they had to pay Cypress Hill for the line. She added, "we had to pay up."

Tiny says Dupri wanted to use the line, "hummin'," as if they were hummingbirds. She claims she understood what he was going for, but it obviously wasn't a wise choice in the end.

Tiny went on to say she and her band were sued a number of times over the course of their career, and they wound up forking out money to Cypress Hill for using their song.


Hip-hop fans know Cypress Hill is easily one of the most successful and legendary rap groups. Their work has been covered countless times, including the song, "How I Could Just Kill A Man," which was covered by Rage Against The Machine on their covers album.

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