Tiny Harris Publicly Flaunts Her Love For Zonnique Pullins

Tiny Harris Publicly Flaunts Her Love For Zonnique Pullins
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Tiny Harris just flaunted her love for Zonnique Pullins via social media. Check out the emotional message that she shared on IG.

'The beginning of my greatness started with you @zonniquejailee my 1st💙 the original Luv Bug! I can’t thank you enough being such an amazing first child & best friend. U hung in there with your mama even tho our journey was like a trial & error..lol! U turned out perfect in every way! Most humbling spirit wit IDGAF attitude.. “u get that from yo mama” 🤪 U sculpted & moldes me for your siblings & I will FOREVER be your rider! My heart & soul my 💓 Happy 25th bday gorgeous child of mine!! 👑💙🥳💓‼️ #Ps that 3rd pic will forever be in my collage of u cause it’s still my favourite & the last just to remind u that u are me & I am u!!!' Tiny captioned her post.

Zonnique hopped in the comments and said: 'aww thank you, mommy! my number 1 always and forever!! I love you so very much!!!🪐🎆💘.'

Someone else posted this: 'That is one beautiful young lady. Happy Birthday Ms. 🙏🏽' and a commenter said: 'Thank you for giving us someone as talented and beautiful as Zonnique ❤️'

One follower posted this message: 'She really is the sweetest from the outside looking in 🙌 always humble with whatever spotlight I have seen her in she truly set the bar for a lot of young adults coming up her energy is beautiful you did a wonderful job mom Happy birthday to her 😁'

One commenter said: 'Happy Birthday @zonniquejailee You’ll a bunch of freaks on this post. Damn she’s saying Happy Birthday to her daughter and you’ll mofos in here talking about whose in pain and i@ alone and so lonely. Well, go play in traffic.'

In other news, Tiny Harris  is celebrating  Domani Harris   ' birthday, and she dropped a post on her social media account in order to mark this important event. Check it out below.


'I’m late, yes I know, but I celebrated a Lil with my baby before he left LA. Happy 20th birthday to our son @domani it has been such an amazing ride watching you grow into the man you are. U have always been special & gifted with many talents. Hope 20 brings u more happiness, good health & prosperity! Love u much son🧡🥳 👑' Tiny wrote.

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