Tiny Harris Previews Real And Raw Video Interview Of T.I. With Jada Pinkett Smith About Daughter Deyjah Harris' Virginity

Tiny Harris Previews Real And Raw Video Interview Of T.I. With Jada Pinkett Smith About Daughter Deyjah Harris' Virginity
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Tiny Harris is hard at work promoting her and T.I.'s much-talked-about interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk .

The couple will address the controversial comments made by T.I. about his daughter, Deyjah Harris' virginity.

Tiny said: "Look who sat down with the Queen herself @jadapinkettsmith & her amazing Queen @adriennebanfieldnorris on @redtabletalk Make sure you tune in on Mon. to hear one of the realist interviews the hubby @troubleman31 & I have ever done together. #RedTableTalkWasARealVibe. 👑🙌🏽"

Fans are not here for it.

One person said: "Yup, she’ll probably sell her soul for him! Love to put a man before God! 😔"

A second follower stated: "Could be the main reason she knows unfollowed both of them on social media and sided with people that said his behavior was disgusting and controlling. Good for her!! I hope he sincerely apologizes to her for his behavior. It’s just gross!! So what would he have done to her if he said “hymen” was broke, and she still declared her virginity or better yet said she wasn’t a Virgin... then what?!? tiny don't stand up for herself, so I really doubt she did for Deyjah."

A third observer: "I hope you educated your husband how his words are an insult to his daughter and disrespectful to women worldwide. I really like your husband. But statements like the one he made about his daughter sadly perpetuate mistruths about women’s bodies and in some parts of the world the grisly practice of sexual mutilation."

Meanwhile, the little daughter of rapper T.I. and singer Tiny, Heiress Harris, is showing her love and talent for music, just like her famous parents.

The toddler happily jumped at the opportunity to perform on stage alongside her mother, while the singer was rehearsing with her backup singers for the upcoming R&B Rewind Concert Series that will take place last night.

Unfortunately, one of the backup singers was not able to appear and skipped the important rehearsal at the last moment with the concert only days away, but Heiress saved the situation by stepping in front of a mic and started to sing in the place of the missing singer.

The proud mother, Tiny, took to social media to show her daughter's performance and shared video clips of Heiress being on the stage on her Instagram page.

The footage showed the little girl dancing and singing along with great confidence in her mother's new song, "I F**kin <3 you". After some time, Tiny went next to her daughter and kneeled, and the two of them continued to sing together. The happy parent captioned the videos of her performing child by jokingly asking her followers if they thought she should include a new "singer." However, singing is not Heiress' only talent as apparently the little girl is really into dancing and acting as well. The 3-year-old participated in her first real acting audition in July and did good, making T.I. and Tiny very happy, as the two of them were really supportive of their daughter's abilities.

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